Robert Welge
Robert WelgeFounder
Robert completed his automotive technician training in 1985, and has spent more than 40 years in the business. He knows what it takes to repair cars quickly and professionally. Robert has seen his business grow from a one-man auto shop to a respected auto repair center that employees more than 6 professionals. You might not find Robert under the hood of a car as often as you could in past, but he is almost always on hand and available for consultation and advice.
Stanislav Makovskiy
Stanislav MakovskiyMechanic
Stas was born in Belarus, a former Soviet Union republic and grew up in Vladivostok, a Russian submarine port in the Far East region and a final destination of the famous Trans-Siberian Express route. As an automotive college graduate Stas continued his education and became a master mechanic and instructor for an automotive program in Artyom, Russia. His passion for auto took him on several sea voyages crossing the Sea of Japan from Vladivostok to Japanese islands to purchase and transport cars from Japan to Russia. Stas traveled the Far East region of the world making life long friends in China, Japan and South Korea. A few hours in a day when Stas is not fixing cars or thinking about fixing cars, he enjoys hiking the great Sierra outdoors, eating sushi and spending time with his family. His hobbies include resourceful upcycling and gardening. His biggest challenges are the English language, back seat driving and German engineering.
Diana Tew
Diana TewReceptionist
Diana is our in-house receptionist who takes great care to make sure each customer is taken care of and understood. She is a joy to talk to and loves to talk about interesting stories.